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G.L.'s brand of clean, wholesome comedy is just

What Everyone needs!. 

Sharp witted with a keen insight into the world, G.L. is unlike any comedian you've ever experienced.


Georgette "G.L." Douglas began honing her craft early as a 4th grade elementary school teacher.  She figured if she could make a classroom of nine year olds laugh on a regular basis (and we know what a tough room that can be), then surely she could make adults crack a smile. 


"I really and truly believe that comedy is what I was born to do...called to do," says G.L. with her million-dollar smile as she discusses her participation in the "Good News Comedy Tours 1 & 2" featuring comedians Jonathan Slocomb,  Hamburger, Small Fry, Chocolate (the latter three are real comedians folks, not the contents of a value meal).


Whether she's dishing out laughs around the country at comedy shows and competitions; comedy clubs (including The Improv, New York Comedy Club, The Funny Bone); the world-renowned, Apollo Theatre; colleges and universities; churches; company functions; performing on live television; or hosting a comedy tour.  Also on her resume is her adventure on the VH1 hit reality show MONEY HUNGRY, starring in an off Broadway production and a few independent films.


Aware of the importance of God's divine purpose, G.L. fully understands that God can speak to the hearts and souls of people through comedy.  Because of this she takes her craft, her ministry seriously.  A wife and mother of two, G.L. makes great strides to ensure her comedy is real life, family-friendly and just plain FUNNY!




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G.L. Douglas,

The Good Girl of Comedy

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