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New Jersey – March 18, 2018


Teachers Laugh HERE


Teachers, janitors, school nurses, cafeteria workers, Child Study team members, principals, school secretaries, security officers, vice principals and everyone else that takes a roll in educating our children on a daily basis, we put this show together just for YOU.


Three’s Company Entertainment in association with the Clean Comedy Link is bringing you the funniest gut busting comedy show this year! Full of fresh comedians that we have seen on Def Comedy Jam, Bad Boyz of Comedy, Comedy Central, Laffapalooza, Caroline’s on Broadway and all over the country will take the stage to make you laugh the increasing stress and strain of your daily tasks away.


Hosted by proud Jersey City School teacher G.L. Douglas, The Good Girl of Comedy, she will bring the house down with her Teacher Wit and “Girl Next Door Charm. You may have seen her on Vh1’s hit reality show “Money Hungry”, also a former radio show host on Elite FM. This teacher by day and entertainer by night knows exactly what you need to get you snickering, giggling and more!


G.L. is bringing along her hilarious friends. For those of you who like a little music with your comedy, we are sharing the music through the giant speakers of Jersey’s Own DJ Jess-the Official DJ for Amateur Night at the Apollo.


The SGO Comedy show is also about comedy that cares. We invite schools, churches, Unions and private organizations to use this event as a fundraiser at no cost to your group.  

Call 201-341-3224 for more information about this FREE opportunity.


This show is for everyone and anyone that has ever taken responsibility in educating the most important thing on Earth: our children, our future.


For more information:

G.L. Douglas Phone: 919-270-6982

JoAnn Pringle Phone: 201-341-3224


Giggles and more

Outbursts 4:

SGO Comedy Show

From the PreShow to the Main Show

...Funny, Funny, Funny

Friday, May 18, 2018

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