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Clean Comedy for EVERYONE!

New Jersey, New York, Virginia – January 2014

A new breed of comedy has taken over the internet, concert halls and television airwaves. It has grabbed audiences of all ages, genders and cultural backgrounds. In the era of comedy saturated with expletives and suggestive material, The Clean Comedy Link provides clean comedy for everyone!


The Clean Comedy Link, a group of sharp witted comedians that are nothing short of funny, is a sought after clique of professionals that know how to command the audience’s attention and take you on a hilarious journey. They present everything from standup to hosting to improv and several outrageous characters that leave you asking for their next performance.


Several of the comedians are McDonald’s Gospel Fest Comedy category winners, one of which – F.U.D.G.E. is the only four time winner of the competition since its existence. There is so much that he does in his standup that people usually wonder, “What doesn’t he do?!” From standup to characters to singing to just plain funny this comedian is a comic for all ages.


G.L. Douglas, The Good Girl of Comedy is the only female in the bunch; she brings the house down with her “Girl Next Door Charm”, her famous smile and a great pair of heels. You may have seen her on Vh1’s hit reality show “Money Hungry” where she remained a funny lady at all times. A former radio show host on FM and a few independent films, she will positively charm you and make you want more!


If you like high energy and good common sense, then you will love Comedian Cletus Kassady! This guy is a gentleman with a strong sense of humor. His quick wit and hilarious delivery grabs the audience from start to finish. Packaged with a power packed delivery and southern swag, you will be a fan instantly.


A comedian and actor, Comedian Chuck Burks will keep you entertained with characters and jokes. He sets up the story and brings the punch-line for everybody to enjoy. There is no limit to what this family man shares in his act from fatherhood to being a husband to just surviving in today’s world. You will enjoy his antics and look to see him again.


They can bring a show to any venue or event and be a smash hit. Call on them for conference relief, concert tours, faith events, corporate promotions or media inspired events. Matching the best talent with your event., all of our entertainers perform clean comedy regardless of occasion or venue. They are tried and true to providing material that does NOT include vulgarity, explicit language or disrespectful undertones. Our goal is to provide a positive entertainment experience that will uplift.


For booking and touring information:

JoAnn Pringle

Clean Comedy Link

Phone: 201-341-3224


We want you to think of us as your LINK to all that is


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